Embarrassing Skin Problems

Embarrassing Skin Problems that you May not Even Know About!

One of the most embarrassing skin problems is probably acne. People with acne tend to be very self conscious about their skin. Fortunately for acne sufferers there are tons of products on the market that can help with this skin condition. But what about skin conditions that may not be easily treated?

There are probably at least 20 or so skin conditions that most of us at least have some knowledge of. Though there are numerous others that many of us are not even aware of. For example, have you ever heard of Fordyce spots? Most people haven’t even though they are quite common in men and women.

What are Fordyce Spots?

fordyce spots on menFordyce spots are one of the many embarrassing skin problems that people don’t know about unless it affects them directly. They are small white bumps that resemble a white head or tiny skin growth.

Fordyce spots are commonly found on the male and female genitalia as well as on the mouth and eyelids. They are not contagious, they are not actually a disease, and they don’t have an impact on health. They are essentially harmless with the exception of being embarrassing.

The spots that form on the penis are quite embarrassing as they are almost always noticeable. This can cause sexual intimacy issues for those who have Fordyce spots as well as for the partner.

I mean imagine finding out your partner has these white bumps all over their stuff. It’s a perfectly normal reaction to consider why they have them and even think they are a sexual related disease.

Even though Fordyce spots are common on the genital region they are not related to or passed through intercourse. They are totally benign and cannot harm your partner. Either way, it would still be difficult to explain this.

Another one of the top embarrassing skin problems that you’ve probably never heard of is called pearly penile papules.

Pearly Penile Papules (PPP)

PPP is probably the absolute most embarrassing skin problem a guy could have. PPP forms around the head and shaft of the penis or right where they connect rather. They are little fleshy colored bumps that look sort of like a canker sore or some other kind of growth.

PPP is also not contagious and does not pose health risks. PPP does in fact look like a major STD. This one would definitely be difficult to explain to a partner. For guys who develop PPP it’s not uncommon for them to abstain from sex due to embarrassment.

It doesn’t pose any issues for the female but I’m sure many would have a hard time getting past it. There are some treatments available, but they can be quite risky and expensive.

So there are two common yet embarrassing skin conditions that you may not have known about. Chances are you come across people on a daily basis that suffer from one or both of these conditions and didn’t even know it. That’s a good reason to always be kind to others because you never know what somebody else is struggling with on a daily basis.

Honey and Salt for Acne

Honey And Salt For Acne – Is It Effective?

honey and saltYears back, acne was said to be a problem with a very difficult solution because of its persistence. Persistent, in a way that even if you have done whatever it takes to save yourself from the embarrassing blemishes on your face, it still comes back and it comes back bigger and uglier. Today, honey and salt for acne is recognized as an excellent way to keep the faces of a million people blemish-free. If you are wondering if it is really effective, then you should try it for yourself.

It could be that the last acne solution scam that you’ve read made your acne worse because it was not targeting the root of the problem. Take into consideration that majority of acne cases are caused by bacterial infection or the presence of impurities that clog your skin pores. This should be the target of your solution. Those mixtures and products that claim that they are the instant acne cure are also bogus because we know for a fact that acne does not heal overnight.

Going back to our featured home remedy for acne, honey and salt mixture has been tried by a lot of people and they think that it is really effective. Personally, I have tried brewing that stuff and it wiped out not only the acne on my face, but also the menacing blackheads and “baby pimples” that I had. How, then, is it prepared and what should be the proportions of its ingredients? Let’s talk more about this.

The first thing you have to do is to grab a bottle full of honey and a bag of salt from the shelf. No, you are not going to use it all at once, but as a principle, it’s just fine to prepare more than what you need rather than coming up short. Anyways, mix equal parts of honey and salt in a bowl. Make sure that you mix it thoroughly so you don’t get all salt on your left cheek and all honey on your right. You can add a dash of oregano leaves if you want your mixture to feel extra cool on your skin. The use of oregano is noted to have a soothing effect on your pimples; however, its usage can be entirely optional.

Next, plop it on a ready-to-use face mask (the ones you can get at the grocery) and place it onto your face. Leave it there for about an hour then slowly peel off the mask. The remaining mixture that sticks to your face will be used as a facial scrub. Scrub your face lightly with that mixture (be sure not to irritate your pimples) and rinse it with warm water. Some people recommend applying toothpaste over the sore spots but this may add irritation since toothpaste contains fluoride, a fairly strong ingredient.

I would say that it is better to do this regimen before going to sleep because this might get messy and it takes about two hours to complete the “ritual”. Another thing is that when you finish, your skin pores would be open and susceptible to germs for some time so it is better not to do this before going to work or school because you may be increasing the possibility of exposing it to more dust and bacteria. What I do when I go out is I carry a gentle facial wash and I wash my face with it from time to time or as necessary. I use Clean Scene by Murad to keep “occupational hazards” (which means the dust, dirt, and bacteria) from lodging on my skin pores each day at work.

I hope this helps you with your acne problems!

Great Fitness and Workout Apps

Take Advantage of Mobile Fitness and Workout Apps!

mobile workout appsMobile phones have gone beyond the purpose of distance communication. Next to it, application programs are one of the best inventions of man. It entertains, delivers news, keeps you connected with friends, captures cherished moments and it can help you lose weight. You don’t have to feel alone when doing exercises at home. Here are some apps that can serve as your personal trainer.

“Lose It!” is a life coach in the palm of your hand. It’s a user-friendly app that will ask for your goals, calculate your calorie intake for every meal, record your calorie burn, and even connect you to an encouraging health community. It customizes a weight loss plan upon entry of pertinent details. It will give ideas on what to eat and what kind of workout will have maximized effects on your body. You can record all your results and keep track of your success. You can even broadcast it to friends and inspire others like you.

Pocket Yoga is a popular choice for enthusiasts who don’t have the luxury of going to a class. Regular yoga sessions is needed to improve body elasticity but sudden changes in the schedule can stop your practice and you’re back in square one when you go back to class. This is how Pocket Yoga can be useful. As long as you have your yoga mat and a small space, turn on your pocket yoga to an instructor and companion in this wonderful exercise. It will play a voice over for instructions and you can simply peek at the screen if you’re unsure of your pose. Relieve back pain from using the laptop all day long or improve your children’s breathing when they do yoga with you at home. Just remember not to overdo the stretching and just execute only what your body can do.

Workout Trainer App is perfect for those just starting to get back in shape. Many people are skeptical and hesitant to be a gym which is understandable when one has to expose the contours of their flabby body. It’s best to give it a start at home with an instructor in a gadget. Workout Trainer features exercises which are timed and instructed with a step-by-step audio and photos. Exercises can be customized according to the body area with issues from a choice of over 1,000 workouts. Your series of exercises can be saved, viewed offline and changed when you choose to.

The mobile technology era is a good time to be alive and kicking. There’s almost nothing we cannot do with these apps. Now you’ve got no more excuse not to get in shape.

Best Weight Loss Plan

Finding the Best Weight Loss Plan for you

In order to find the best weight loss plan for you, it’s important to take a look at your unique body type and metabolism. For example, does your body burn fat efficiently? Whether it is a structured exercise program or just part of your daily routine, any and all exercise adds up to a healthier heart. Bad eating habits often lead to binge eating, which of course leads to weight gain. Once in a while, have a lean salad for lunch or dinner, and save calories for a full dessert. Remember, the more you exercise, the more water you’ll need. Staying fit has positive effects on every physiological system in your body. You may very well be eating too many calories. Low-fat and low-calorie options are also available for most foods, and many of these are natural. Try having 5 to 6 small meals or snacks in a day instead of large meals.

When you say you want to lose weight, be careful what you wish for. The latest research on the power of water for weight loss isn’t about getting your recommended daily intake. Fat cells are critical for survival and help assist the body’s energy system. People with low metabolism have a hard time in losing weight because of their slow metabolism fat gets stored in their bodies. This means if you eat more food than your body needs for daily activities and cell maintenance, you will gain weight. Do not let the term dietary supplement fool you. You are much better off with a diet plan that is sure enough of its product to give you straightforward facts. Stop overeating to avoid releasing toxins into your system.Portion control is a key factor in weight loss. Adapt behavior modification that you can live with for years, instead of just weeks. But the scale isn’t moving and your clothes have needed no adjusting. This is because smoking takes away the calcium in your bones, weakening their structure. To help you create a weight loss method that will allow you to naturally lose the excess weight that you have, and keep them off permanently, there are some facts about natural weight loss that you need to keep in mind. Helps you lose weight. But when weight loss is paired with potential harmful side effects, a low success rate of weight loss maintenance or a decreased possibility of overall health occurs.

It is a good idea to try a cleansing fast to achieve weight loss. Although many diet pill users report up to a 20 pound weight loss, there are much better diet and exercise tips you should try first. You can eat healthier and lose weight by replacing junk food with fresh vegetables and salads. It would also help a lot to eliminate any fried food or food that contains refined sugar, or caffeine. Your mindset needs to change from following restrictive fads to following a diet that is best for health. Your body stores many toxins in fatty tissue, so the faster the fat breaks down, the faster the toxins are released and too many toxins released too quickly can cause discomfort. Be an active role model for your children. In other words, the combination of high parental restriction and low self-control puts girls at the highest risk for weight gain. Don’t skip breakfast, and continuously monitor your eating behavior, often through using a food diary. These are some of the factors that parents should consider to ensure that their children eat healthy foods and are able to remain free from childhood obesity diseases.